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Pochette SoSo Chic

Pochette SoSo Chic 100% handmade in Italy with plaited paper of coloured and blackandwhite comics. Shoulder strip in ecoleather. Details and inside in satin
Pochette SoSo Chic in carta riciclata, 100% made in Italy da SopraSotto
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The brand SopraSotto was born in 2012 with a concept store set in the heart of the beautiful town of San Gimignano (Tuscany), which gathers many young artists and craftmen with a special love for creative recycling and reusing. The passion for ecodesign inspirations and the manual skills of the owners, Erika and Licia, pushed them create their own bags and jewels line, launched in 2013. The paper plaiting tecnique, old art born in the US prisons, is renewed and restored: the main material are comics and newspapers with a feminine touch of "SoSo Style". After meeting in 2014 the world of antique trade and the modern collecting trade they gave life to a brand new line made of antique music staff, old maps and vintage newspapersmappe ('50's and '60's). Each SoSo Bag an unique piece, as the strips used are always different. Whereas SoSo Jewels come out from the idea of making accessories the could "tell" us the story of SoSo Bags: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, everything is made of part of bags manufacturing. The best way to dress an outfit completely dedicated to creativity.


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